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London hosts the 29th International Hospitaller Conference

How to better help and provide humanitarian assistance to the neediest population – starting from the Ukrainians – and how to improve synergies between the entities that form the Order of Malta – more than 250 – representing at the same time its richness. These are some of the main topics at the heart of the 29th International Hospitaller Conference which took place in London on 25 and 26 March. Some 80 representatives of the Order’s medical, social and humanitarian projects gathered together to discuss the main challenges ahead, in light of the multiple ongoing humanitarian crises, and to define strategies for the next years.

“Since being named, I have been privileged to meet and talk to many politicians, ambassadors and authorities from both Church and States and I am very proud to say that I could not help but notice how each person that I have met, is always so impressed with our commitment and service which is guided by our solidarity, empathy and compassion” stated the Lieutenant of the Grand Master Fra’ John Dunlap, who participated in the meeting. “The true service we provide to the sick and the poor is carried out by our members, volunteers and staff who look at them in the eye with the respect due to our lords the sick and the poor” the Lieutenant added.